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Charter a private jet during the covid-19 pandemic

With no real end of the pandemic in sight at present and travel restrictions evolving by the minute, we are welcoming to the world of private aviation, an increasing number of travelers choosing another way to fly, a safer way.

While it makes sense to fly private, some guidance is often necessary through the various flying modes and providers. Many of the newcomers might want to opt for an on-demand charter flight before trying a membership club or a jet card. Whether you are familiar with on demand private jet charter or are looking to expand your flight options, we invite you to contact us to find out how you can secure a private jet for your upcoming trips.

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You choose your departure date. During a pandemic, all major airlines are impacted, for security or economic reasons. Finding a flight on another commercial route quickly becomes impossible.
Private aviation escapes these constraints and allows you to leave whenever you want. Every day we help passengers to return home on the day of their request. In the context of a pandemic, with travel restrictions changing rapidly, we often need to organize a flight within a few hours.


The risk of contamination is extremely reduced on private flights. At the airport, private aviation facilities allow you to avoid crowds and long queues. This is because private terminals are separated from commercial airline terminals and have less staff. You will therefore have a limited number of interactions. On board the aircraft, you do not share the cabin with other people you do not know. The crews, the air inside the cabin and the interior of the aircraft are subject to very strict additional sanitary measures and are constantly monitored.


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At Simply Jet, we quickly adapted to the situation within the team:

  • Safety First - The entire team works daily to manage and mitigate the risk associated with each request. We only work with certified operators who take all necessary preventative health and safety measures.
  • Constant monitoring - In a context of constant information, it is difficult to distinguish rumours from facts. We have set up an internal team to constantly monitor the situation and provide you with the best possible guidance. You can count on our specialists to apply the latest official recommendations and tell you what is feasible or not.
  • Efficiency - The situation is changing rapidly and restrictions change from hour to hour. The flights we organize during the pandemic often leave the same day or within 48 hours. Our team is mobilized at all times to meet this demand.


We are here to advise you and help you find the best and safest solution for your travels. Chartering a private jet is a valid option, especially for your last minute requests.

Simply contact us on +41 414 104 414 or We may have the solution you are looking for.

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