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HOw it works

flight manager

Review the offers, sign the contract online, upload your passports, download your boarding pass. Simple as that.

You review the offers prepared by your Simply Jet advisor on the basis of personal conversation and an analysis of your needs. Either give use your preference so we can go ahead with the paperwork or ask for additional options if you are not fully satisfied yet.

You sign the contract online directly on your flight manager using our 100% secure internally developed technology. No need to have a printer and scanner at hand, you draw your signature on your desktop or smartphone to confirm your flight in 5 seconds.

You upload passports easily to the flight manager. Simply select on your device the passports of the passengers flying and we will take care of the rest. Already flew with us? Even easier, you can retrieve and choose documents from previous flights.

You download your boarding pass from your flight manager. It will contain your aircraft's tail number, indications as to how to get to the private terminal, eventual car transfers, catering preferences as well as the passenger list. Simply bring it along and you are ready to fly!

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UK  +44 208 068 5555

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