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Art Basel Miami

Dec. 7, 2023 – Dec. 9, 2023

United States of America

Take off to Art Basel Miami on your private jet

Victim of its own success in the Swiss city, Art Basel is travelling all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, along the Golden Mile of Miami Beach. In its streets and galleries, thousands of artists gather; sculptors and painters, photographs and filmmakers, all offer new and exciting works for you to admire.

Art Basel is also the opportunity to (re)discover the numerous artistic influences at play in Miami. Musically, both jazz and rock fuse with the Latino tunes that are typical to Florida while the Art Deco buildings wear drawings and graffities in the tradition of Street Art. Transformed in an open skies temple of arts, the whole city lives by the artists's inspirations, in a cozy and bohemian atmosphere, conductive to creative thinking.


Switzerland  +41 414 104 414

UK  +44 208 068 5555

France   +33 1 88 80 35 63