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Private jet hire in Tel-Aviv


Take off to Tel Aviv on your private jet

Installed on the edges of the Mediterranean Sea, Tel Aviv, nicknamed "the White City", is a subtle combination of energy, vitality and emotion. The Bauhaus style, whose museum is located in the heart of the city, is omnipresent, with its homogeneous white facades, square and sober, studded with asymmetric windows. The architectural wonders of the city don't stop there, the romanticism and the chic air of a suburb earned it the name of "Little Paris".

Besides the streets and markets that make up kilometers of winding paths, a promenade planted with palm trees and modern sculptures runs next to the fine sand beach and gives an impression of holidays and serenity to anyone walking upon it. Tel Aviv never sleeps, back from your stroll, admire the sunset with rose orange reflections, enjoy for a little longer the various shops and go to a restaurant to taste the local cuisine which finesse is only matched by the surrounding clubs fervor.

Culture adepts will be delighted as well, between the Tel Aviv Art Museum, with modern and contemporary styles, the Eretz Israel Museum, that presents the multifaceted heritage of the country or the Diaspora Museum, relating the history of Jewish communities around the world.


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