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Take off to Moscow on your private jet

Like the Saint Basil's Cathedral, the Eastern European megalopolis shines with thousand of lights. Capital city of the biggest country in the world, Moscow, a political, economical, administrative and cultural center represents the quintessence of Russia and what made it renown for. Crossing the Red Square, a sense of admiration at the thought of the 47 tsars of Russia whose burial chambers still lie, after centuries, at the Kremlin will come to your mind.

The music enthusiasts will love what Moscow has to offer. Some of the best musicians regularly perform at the mythical Bolchoi Theater or at the Tchaikovski Opera. Art amateurs can go the the Tretiakov gallery as well at the to National Pouchkine Museum, which has one of the most beautiful collections of Russian and impressionist art. The Tverskaya Street is full people whose faces are enlightened by the refinement of the pieces presented by luxury shops.