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Charter a jet to Fashion Week Paris

Feb. 26, 2024 – March 5, 2024


Take off to the Fashion Week Paris on your private jet

The Parisian Fashion Week is held twice a year in the large rooms of ancient Haussmann-style buildings, typical to the French capital. This meeting, one of the most eagerly awaited by Haute Couture connoisseurs, ranks among the top four biggest Fashion rendez-vous in the world.

For seven days, the City of Lights shines bright. Be it in its millennial streets, its gastronomic restaurants or its luxurious hotels, artists and designers come together and share their ideas, inspired by Paris’s overwhelming splendor. Dive into this unique atmosphere by taking part in some of the numerous shows happening during the week where the world’s greatest fashion designers shed light on the new trends.

Let us take care of your trip to this extraordinary meeting. During your stay, we will do our best to make this event an unforgettable memory.


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