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Charter a jet to the 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair

Dec. 4, 2020 – Dec. 6, 2020


Take off to 1.618 on your private jet

« The golden ratio symbolizes universal harmony and serves as a constant reminder of the ultimate goal we are all working towards. » Such is the guideline of the 1.618 Sustainable Luxury Fair in Paris. The forum positions itself as a pioneer in the domain of creative and daring luxury, combining refinement, beauty and elegance with sustainable development and eco-responsibility. More than just a luxury event, 1.618 showcases the most important wealth on Earth: Nature. Through meticulously chosen exhibitors, not only for their artistic maestria but also for their innovative minds, their willingness to preserve the environment and their respect for human rights and savoir-faire.

The name 1.618 originates from the Golden Ratio, which is found, somewhat mysteriously, in a flurry of areas, such as mathematics, sculpture, architecture and music. Evoking a perfect ratio between two things, or two parts of an item, it soothes the human eye and gives an impression of plenitude. In the design world, one can find it in the dimensions of the objects exhibited, as well as in the philosophy of the exhibitors, working endlessly to find the perfect equilibrium between their art and the wealth of nature.


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