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Private jet hire in St-Moritz / Samedan


Take off to St-Moritz with your private jet!

In the heart of the snowy mountains, next to the lakes’ crystalized waters, you will be faced with a scenery of unmatchable beauty. At 1’707m above sea level, you just landed on Europe’s highest airport.

With more than 350 kilometres of slopes, St-Moritz is one of the most iconic ski resorts of Switzerland and one of the largest in the world. Located just over 1’800m, the resort is composed of the old village of St-Moritz Dorf, where you can find Switzerland’s most luxurious hotels such as the Badrutt’s Palace Hôtel or the Kulm Hôtel St-Moritz, and St-Moritz Bad, where you will be able to enjoy relaxing days at the thermal springs and refreshing strolls on the shores of the frozen lake.

If skiing is not really your cup of tea, St-Moritz offers a plethora of activities to make your stay enjoyable: horse races on frozen lakes, polo tournaments, cricket, golf, Snow Safari, sled slopes and more.

At dusk, St-Moritz turns into a trendy nightlife village, where you can find a myriad of hip parties, be it to dance to the beats of local and international music bands in the hotels’ salons, enjoy traditional bars and pubs, modern lounges or nightclubs. Once you have been to St-Moritz, you will go back to St-Moritz.


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