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Private jet hire in Santorini


Take off to Santorini on your private jet

While discovering Santorini and its white chalk houses with blue cupola, be sure not to hold your breath for too long. This scenery that will probably stay engraved in your memory for a long time, holds an infinity of treasures that won't cease to amaze you.

Thira, its other name, is the biggest island of the enchanting archipelago of Santorini, one of the Aegean Seas's jewels. Relax on the black sand of the Perissa and Kamari beaches, enjoy the shadow of the purple cliffs of Red Beach or pace the villages' narrow streets, relaxation and serenity are key words in Santorini.

Embarking on a yacht, your eyes will discover some of the island's hidden beauties, engulfed in the immensity of the steep cliffs that compose the island. Back from your navigation on the turquoise waters of the caldera, let yourself be attracted by oregano and lemon scents while the last drops of sunlight caress your skin.


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