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Private jet hire in Phuket


Take off to Phuket with your private jet!

The province of Phuket, after which the largest of the 33 islands it shelters is named, is a peace haven right in zhe middle of the Andaman Sea. The island of Phuket, composed mostly of mountains, steppes and beaches, benefits from a tropical climate all year long, making it a go to destination for travellers looking for sun during the Winter.

The geological characteristics of Phuket mirror the mind-set of the inhabitants; the love of life and the cheer joy they share are unique and they won’t cease to amaze you with their hospitality and welcoming manners. Phuket is rich in history and rich in human capital. Stroll to the Big Buddha and contemplate the majesty of this monument, erected centuries ago, defying time and the elements from its 45 meters. At its feet, a panoramic terrace unveils a breathtaking view on the island.

Don’t miss the chance to try the Thai cuisine delicacies while you are there, Mee Hokkien, Lóo-Bah or Pad Thai are some of the many dishes available in this diverse culture, each one being a new discovery of flavours, of which the variety is equalled only by the wonder that will take over your mind at the view of the sunsets when night falls.


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