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Private jet hire in Oslo


Take off to Oslo on your private jet

Surrounding the Oslo fjord, the Norwegian capital city has all the perks of a pleasant town. Be it for business reasons or for tourism, Oslo is a gold mine. The infrastructures and the development of the region makes it an economic neuralgic center for Scandinavia, well connected to other Northern countries through maritime ways.

In the city itself, the touristic curiosities are plentiful, the Vigeland sculptures, the Edvard Munch and Holmenkollen museum, the vikings ships museum, the new Nobel prize center or the holocaust center. Norway owes its prosperity not only to a flourishing economy but also to a developed cultural offer. The town is modern but kept its natural, almost wild charm.

Nature is an integral part of the country and you will have to get away from the center to enjoy the calm and serenity of the Norwegian taigas. Try cross-country skiing, the national sport, and breathe in rejuvenating air before going back to your day-to-day life.


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