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Private jet hire in Miami

United States of America

Take off to Miami on your private jet

Along the Atlantic coast of the United States, the city of Miami has become, in recent years, a living symbol, through its Art-Deco Architecture and its festive atmosphere, of a progressive America.

Dive into this timeless city where, in winter and summer alike, the hot and sunny climate allows its inhabitants to fully enjoy the ocean and beaches. Along Miami Beach’s Golden Mile for example, farniente aficionados will fancy a cocktail, comfortably laying back on a beach chair facing the ocean. Culture lovers will not be left behind however; be it by the incredible diversity of Miami’s art collections or by the numerous orchestras performances, there is always something new to be seen in the Magic City.

If you wish to explore the Floridian wildlife, head to the Everglades, a famous natural reserve South of the city. Nicknamed “the river of grass”, the park is home to many endangered species as well as rare plants, some of which you might encounter on your journey through the marshes and mangroves, typical to this part of Florida.


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