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United Kingdom

Your private jet to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland, one of the most unique and memorable cities in Europe. Its majestic buildings and gardens, countless narrow streets and unforgettable museums full of history and art. If you consider yourself a real traveler, Edinburgh should be on your “to visit” list. To make your trip special, call Simply Jet and we will organize private charter for you. It will give you more comfort and, what is more important, it will save you time.

Edinburgh is also known as “Auld Reekie”, which means “Old Smokey” in Scots. This is because the smoke from chimneys in the past created a smog around the city. This was because of the weather in Edinburgh, which is rainy and windy. Do not be in a hurry to get upset! Such weather complements the style of this city and gives it its own charm. Edinburgh offers to its visitors a wide variety of museums, botanic gardens, historical spots, and monuments. The most popular attraction is the Whisky Factory, which everyone can visit and discover this drink. Whiskey is the most popular drink in Scotland and of course in its capital, which means you will have an endless choice of this drink. It is a cosmopolitan city too, with the Michelin-starred restaurants, exceptionally beautiful cafes, vibrant, and great shopping. Edinburgh is also a great spot to spend your Christmas vacation and Hogmanay celebrations. On these occasions, this city turns into a fairy tale. It is time to plan your vacations. Start by calling Simply jet and let us take care of your flight experience.


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