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Private jet hire in Copenhagen


Take off to Copenhagen on your private jet

A the junction of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, on the Sjaelland peninsula, Copenhagen is a haven of peace and tranquility. As a hotspot for the Scandinavian culture, this acient times' fishermen village stands out by its cosmopolitanism. Discover numerous museums, art galleries and historic monuments or simply go for a stroll in the streets with the rhythm of the Baltic Sea's invigorating air caressing your skin.

Walking through the city will only take you half a day but you should take the time to explore the different districts, each with its unique atmosphere of friendliness. The well developed urban networks, notably the biking one that earned the city the title of global capital of cycling, make the danish town a pleasure to explore.

There is something magical about Copenhagen. The architecture, constituted of 17th century houses, paved squares, canals and copper spires is charmingly unvarnished.


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