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Private jet hire in Cannes


Take off to Cannes on your private jet

It's hard not to think about galas, regattas and the International Film Festival when the name of this town from the Alpes-Maritimes is evoked.

In an unparalleled scenery, located in the middle of the Napoule Gulf, Cannes offers a spectacular view of the Lérins, Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat islands. Walking along the Croisette, one lets oneself being rocked by the Mediterranean wind, starts to dream about relaxing afternoons spent on deck chairs, a drink in hand, and lose the track of time before arriving at the Vieux Port; where the stunning moored yachts bring us back to reality.

A getaway to the surrounding islands, that will not fail to captivate the history amateurs, seeing how rich they are in archeological curiosities, will satisfy your desires of liberty. Back on the coast, let yourself be amazed by the maestria of the jewelers and the fashion designers; all the fashion greatest are in Cannes. Other artists, as talented, will arouse your papillae with their fine cuisine highlighting the freshness of the food just harvested or fished.


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