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Take off to Brussels on your private jet

Have you ever been to the capital of Europe? Even if yes, there is always an occasion to come back to Brussels. Color up your weekend by taking a private charter to this modern yet historical city. Simply Jet team will be more than happy to organize your flight by presenting a high level of service and the best price on the market.

Brussels is a lively city in Belgium with a rich history. Here you will find a combination of architecture of the 17-th century with a touch of the modern generation. In some parts of Brussels, it seems that every building is being converted into a contemporary art gallery, from houses to skating rinks and canal -side Citroën garage remodeled to a conceptual gallery of art. The city center welcomes you with its Grand Place in the middle, surrounded by mundane and tawdry streets. Going around the little streets of Brussels, you will be impressed by the beauty of the churches, alluring shops, and high-quality restaurants. Every morning on the main square you will be surrounded by the little tracks all full of different kinds of flowers. Walking around the city have lunch in the Sablons area where every person can find something suitable for his tastes - from seafood to more typical cuisine. Furthermore, this area is famous for its art galleries, which definitely should be on the “must visit” list of every traveler. To continue your cultural trip, do not forget to book your tickets to one of the multiple theatres. If you need some time to relax and reconnect yourself from reality, there is a great place for that- Royal Greenhouses of Laeken. Here you will find an outstanding botanical garden, that will help you to get a bit lost in the magnificent trees and flowers. It is hard to remain indifferent to this city. So, pack your suitcase and call Simply Jet to get your private jet, let your amazing weekend begin.


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