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Large Jets

The Bombardier Global 5000 is a large jet built by Bombardier.

Bombardier Global 5000 was announced in 2001 and entered service in 2005. The Global 5000 is developed after the very successful Global Express model with a slightly shorter fuselage. Bombardier Global 5000 has a range of 9’650km and can fly non-stop for an estimated time of around 12 hours - enough to take you from Toronto to Buenos Aires or from Paris to Chicago. It has a slightly shorter range than its descendant, the Global 6000, but offers the same level of comfort as well as transatlantic capabilities. As Bombardier puts it : ‘the Global 5000 aircraft was designed to help you get things done’. Whether you want to conduct a business meeting, have a good night’s sleep, relax or play, it’s easy with the Global 5000.

The wings have been designed to provide a restful and quiet flight. This powerful business jet’s interior is equipped with amenities that will make any flight as comfortable as possible and provide an exceptional cabin experience. The forward galley as well as the private stateroom offer optimal space and privacy. The Global 5000 is also known for having the lowest cabin altitude out of the entire fleet, along with the 6000. This significantly reduces the effects of jetlag making your travel seamless.The Bombardier Global 5000 will bring you an advanced and reliable flying experience thanks to a seamless technology and design integration. The advanced avionics suite provides pilots with outstanding comfort and control. It features the synthetic vision system on the head-up display and the MultiScan weather radar that allow an enhanced situational awareness at any time. The updated models include Rockwell Collins Fusion avionics as well as Bombardier’s Proprietory HEPA Air filters, that capture almost 100% of all impurities.

The luxurious cabin with forward and aft lavatories as well as in-flight accessible baggage compartments can seat up to 16 passengers. The seats can also be configured to bed settings for long-haul flights.

Pictures courtesy of our friends at Bombardier.
9'630 km
934 km/h

Global 5000

Cabin height
Cabin width
Cabin length



Luggage capacity: 5,5m3

Hold: 8x

Carry-on: 8x

Switzerland  +41 414 104 414

UK  +44 208 068 5555

France   +33 1 88 80 35 63