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Take off to Zurich on your private jet

Lying between lake and mountains, Zurich is all about contrasts. Its thousand years old ancient centre, still perfectly preserved, resonates with the numerous cultural events, including the famous Summer Street Parade, livening up the city every year. As the economical and cultural capital of Switzerland, Zurich is the embodiment of diversity, home of artists as well as businessmen.

Immerse yourself into this bohemian lifestyle, take a seat by a shadowy terrace and leave behind you the wild pace of business for a bit. Once relaxed, take a moment to visit the abundant luxury shops awaiting you in the city centre. As the sun goes down, stop by one of the restaurants along the Limmat river to enjoy Zurich’s traditional cuisine.

In the end, if you wish to enjoy the city even further, head down to Uetliberg. This small and quaint hill offers an unforgettable and breathtaking panorama over Zurich and its surroundings. A great way to wrap your stay in one of Switzerland’s most vibrant and authentic city.


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