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Fly to Ibiza on your private jet

Off the Costa Blanca, lying in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Ibiza is full of treasures: fine sandy beaches, high-class restaurants, private clubs and the list goes on.

Whatever you are looking for, Ibiza will seduce you. First, take a look at the exciting night life and meet some of the numerous DJs which gave the White Isle its world class reputation. Then, if you wish to move away from the downtown Ibiza, head down for a walk on the Cala Compte beach where, in between the rocks and the ocean, you’ll enjoy a very special time.

Eventually, let yourself be tempted by the call from the sea and hop on one of the ships heading to the small islands facing Ibiza. On Es Vedra for example, you’ll get to commune with nature in a dreamlike panorama, like an El Dorado lost in the Mediterranean Sea.


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